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Return on Your Investment

CHLA Hospitality Foundation scholarship recipients are unique from their peers. Awardees are selected by seasoned industry professionals for their hands-on experience, academic success, and preparedness for a career in the hospitality industry.

CHLA Hospitality Foundation is committed to building a pipeline of talent to meet the challenges of the future. Our Sponsors meet the Industry’s future leaders firsthand and lay the groundwork for recruitment of the best and brightest.

The CHLA Hospitality Foundation ensures introductions to awardees, who may be your future team members. We provide your organization with access to awardees who are mentored by industry leaders and prepared for career success.

Support industry leaders of tomorrow!

This scholarship award means so much to me, it allows me to keep focusing on my studies and not have to worry about money. Having received the Hospitality Foundation scholarship these past few semesters I have been able to progress and gain industry experience through various internships.

– Sarinna Flores, San Jose State University (2018 recipient)

“I was awarded a scholarship from Hospitality Foundation. I am currently studying in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at San Diego State University with an emphasis in restaurant management. Food is my greatest passion, whether it is eating, cooking, or learning about different cultures through their unique cuisines. I want to share this passion for gastronomy to the world by opening up my own restaurants in the future.

– Jonathan Ju, San Diego State University (2018 recipient)

A recent aspiration is to work for a lodging corporation, such as Expedia or Airbnb in their marketing department. I look forward to graduating within the year, so I can be able to start interning or finding a position in the hospitality industry in the Bay Area. This scholarship opportunity through the Hospitality Foundation will support my financial needs in completing my hospitality degree.

– Shant Guzelian, Cal State East Bay (2018 recipient)