Scholarship Funds and our Endowment

The following endowment funds provide the income that allows the Foundation to award scholarships and grants for program enrichment.


Scholarships are awarded through the Hotel and Restaurant Foundation Fund of the California Hotel & Lodging Association Hospitality Foundation

W & H Abel Fund


Chef Roy Hammerich Fund


Handlery Hotels Fund


J&A Adams Fund


Norman Rockwood Memorial Fund


San Francisco Travel—John Marks Leadership Fund


Marvin Aldaffer Memorial Fund


Handlery Hotels—CCSF Fund


John Scopazzi Fund


Frank Ambrozic Memorial Fund


Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals Fund


George Smith Fund


Robert Begley Leadership Fund


Hart Smith Fund


EB DeGolia Fund


Vance Huckins Fund


Statler Library Fund


Fontana Trust


Kimpton Group Fund


Malcom Stewart Fund


Founders Fund


Rolf Lewis Fund


Swig Foundation Fund


Les Franklin Memorial Fund


James Longo Memorial Fund


Joe Terrazino Memorial Fund


John & Hilda Gifford Fund


Lyons Restaurants Fund


Harvey Toy Fund


John & Mary Louise Gifford Fund


Marriott Corporation Fund


Harry Troupe Fund


Hilda Gifford Memorial Fund


Milton McDowell Fund


Robert Wilhelm Fund


Manny Goodman Memorial Fund


Henry Meyer Fund


B&L Wong Fund


Mitsuo Miya Fund